Call of Duty Ghosts DirectX 10 Patch Fix-SKIDROW


Call of Duty Ghosts DirectX 10 Patch Fix-SKIDROW  for DirectX 9 and DirectX 10.1

Today SKIDROW team just realeased a new patch for Call of Duty Ghosts DirectX error: “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error”
You can copy this patch in your install folder and play the game on DX 10 or 9 with no problems or errors. You can see in the video how to use it.


Support for Directx 9 or Directx 10 ATI and Nvidia
Improved FPS
Fix game launch time (took too long for the splash picture to show up)
Remove 6GB of RAM minimum restriction
Black Screen Fix
Fix texture glitch
Remove stutter in game and menu
Remove mouse lag
Ram Fix
Crashing during game
Fixed losing FPS during gameplay
NO MORE “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error”

Gameplay screens:

518000255_cv1 maxresdefault

Download Call of Duty Ghosts DirectX 10 Patch Fix-SKIDROW



Server 2

Why our team using a surveys system?

You very often ask us why we are using a surveys system ? Why don’t use mediafire or zippyshare or other normal file hostings? We use a surveys sytem because we had a lot of problems with spamers bot and software stealers. They just downloads hundred of times our hacks/cheats and place them in their own websites and sell it for a big money! So we decided to protect our hacks from copying with a surveys system, we hope that you will understand.


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68 thoughts on “Call of Duty Ghosts DirectX 10 Patch Fix-SKIDROW”

  1. alireza says:

    We have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kiluminati19 says:

    Where is the DL link?

  3. hitman says:

    hey dude, thanks

  4. Ovi says:

    works. thanks

  5. ali says:

    where is download link haromzadeh

  6. lp06 says:

    thanks broo, u r the choosen one :P a fucking god

  7. alexevil says:


  8. MahdiKhan says:


  9. Mohamed says:


  10. hack says:

    Nice…thanks for this.

  11. omar says:

    i can not download the file please send to me on email :

  12. Koleton Haws says:

    yo thank you so much for this directx patch 10 because i really needed this
    and it helps a lot:)

  13. KickTube DangThiPhuong says:

    Omg man this is relay working thank you for patch

  14. Mery Achu says:

    come on this is a piece of cake to install this patch. Thank`s man game is

  15. CaptainTheKidd says:

    Hope that this finally a working patch ;-) Have been looking for one of
    those since a long while ! Thanks mate

  16. Lunathic Lee says:

    working on my PC, i’ve been stressed by this issue tommorow. btw thanks man

  17. 81Giant says:

    Tested on GeForce 9600GT 1GB DDR3 directx10.1 and working fine. Fps is not
    bad can be played… although have 6gb of ram :) thank`s for patch

  18. star says:


  19. winston says:

    hey am unable to download this file no survey for my country could someone please email t to me [...]

  20. ADF says:

    hey its works for me :D lol :D

  21. DARK SOUL says:

    Man , i turned off adblock , did all the surveys but the file didn’t unlock . Please mail it to me at [...] asap .

  22. Mohammad says:

    i can‘t download file please send to : [...]

  23. بیس says:

    Very good hack . Thanks!

  24. Crusty says:

    I turned off Adblock (pop up blocker) in IE 11 and still get the message “no surveys available in your country. Very frustrating. Please help. So badly want to play this game

  25. Jim Bob says:

    Thanks so much!

  26. DARK SOUL says:

    Friend i tried all the surveys , i live in india . the file just doesn’t unlock. please , please help . do something . i really want to play this game . my email is [...] . friend mail me the file please . i khow we cant enclose email in the comment but please email me …….

    • Hawk-Eye says:

      Complete a survey like everyone and get the file.

    • mustafa zaidany says:

      Please send it to my email because I live in Syria and I need the patch but no survey available my email mmz-333@ and but because I can’t put the email

  27. mohamad says:

    thanks :-*

  28. DARK SOUL says:


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